“Suzanne Patterson’s “Mist”tique and Technique Airbrush workshop provides the student a comprehensive knowledge base and a skill set essential to begin the art of airbrushing. As an instructor, she is very gifted with such great talent to mentor with. She has a very kind and patient way of teaching a very technical course! One thing I liked about this workshop is the extensive hands-on instruction, demonstration, and application of techniques with Suzanne’s close supervision.  The program encourages development of proper airbrush techniques that can later be transformed into more advanced application. Skill progression is limitless because of the hands-on laboratory experience.  Overall, I am so very happy that I took this workshop because I learned so much valuable skill and information.  It was such a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by a super nice, very experienced, and award winning master instructor. Suzanne, thank you very much!”


“I just wanted to thank you for the best airbrush workshop ever!  I have told many of my makeup friends about your class and how great it was.  I have learned much more than when I took that other airbrush class because this class was not product driven.  I’ve learned what to listen and look for in executing my airbrush skills when I practice..  This class gave me a better understanding on how it all works. I can’t wait to take your special makeup effects classes.  Please send me information regarding thost classes so I can sign up.”

Beltsville, MD

.I wanted to thank you for everything at the HD seminar you gave in DC recently. You are an amazing head of knowledge and expertise with such a technical grasp on this technology. You really brought it down to a level we could understand and use.

Washington, DC

“Suzanne, I wanted to tell you how amazing you and your workshops are, and I was especially impressed with your thorough teaching skills.  I can tell how much time you put into this, systematically presenting the information.  The lessons built so well upon each other.  You were so encouraging and positive.  I really feel confident in my new skills.  Thank you for taking so much time and sharing such wonderful information.  I can’t wait to take your HD Seminar!  Let me know if anymore are scheduled!  I also want to be put on the waitlist for the Light and Color Theory workshop in October. It was truly a pleasure to meet you. I feel so inspired to have new wonderful aspirations for my career now. I hope to be an HD wizard like you someday!”

Madison, WI

“Suzanne, learned much in makeup, and your style in teaching is unique from formal makeup salons in my country. I don’t like how everyone comes out of makeup salons looking all the same. You give much information in creating a personal style, and I will forever be grateful.

Frankfurt, Germany

“I can’t thank you enough for “paying it forward” in your workshop. Your patience, encouragement, and personality throughout the class was so appreciated and helpful. As a makeup artist who has never held an airbrush before I was not intimidated at all by it because your workshop was so thorough. Needless to say I learned more than I ever expected, and the investment was well worth it! I will strongly recommend this workshop to anyone”.

Baltimore, MD

“Thank you for giving me your time, wealth of knowledge, and skill in this workshop! In just this class you opened up my understanding of the fundamentals needed for this industry, especially with the important lighting and color theory, and the proper use of tools. I am excited, inspired, and encouraged, and I hope you continue to conduct workshops in the future that I can take. Your enthusiasm, warmth and sincerity made all the difference for me.”

District Heights, MD

“Suzanne, your airbrush workshop gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to integrate the technique into my skill set. Using this tool will help me to expand my creativeness in application and my business. Thank you so much!”

San Francisco, CA

“Suzanne, your class was nothing short of an amazing experience, and I can’t believe how much I have learned in just one class! As a beginner, I really appreciated your personal and supportive teaching style, and your talent is inspiring. Thank you!”

Atlanta, GA

“Suzanne, thank you so much, you really know how to “over-deliver”. I have attended many different workshops and seminars over the years, and this airbrush workshop ranks as one of the rare few I would ever rate a solid”10″. You deliver so much information in a beautifully structured, professional, and fun format! I definitely look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.”

Fredericksburg, VA

“I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from thKnowledge Tool Set for Makeup in HD workshop! Since most of my knowledge and technique has come from practicing “in the field”, I appreciated your very complete approach to packaging yourself as a complete media makeup professional, and using tools that achieve better results. You showed us how to perfect techniques that build skill in execution and confidence to do so. I appreciated the discussion about the role and duty of the makeup artist, and your enthusiasm for passing on the wisdom gained from your decades of experience!”

Fairfax, VA

“Your airbrush workshop provides an excellent foundation for any makeup artist who wants to add this skill to their makeup repertoire. You are clearly an expert in this field, and you present the information and hands-on work in a clear, easy- to-understand manner. Over the years I have attended many classes, workshops and seminars, and it is rare to find an instructor who has the combined knowledge and teaching ability that you possess. I highly recommend your workshops, not only for the above reasons, but also because they are comprehensive, thorough, and fun! The textbook you gave us will be an invaluable reference we can keep forever.”

Alexandria, VA

“You are not only a gifted artist, but a talented teacher! Your encouragement and positive attitude puts your students at ease. The depth of your knowledge in the makeup and airbrush field is tremendous, and the fact that you share this information so freely makes you an invaluable mentor to me. I feel so blessed to have found your classes, and thanks for all you do. I look forward to taking all of your classes in the future.”

Richmond, VA

“I really enjoyed taking the airbrush workshop! The materials, presentation, and flow of classwork was superb. The information was presented in a very professional manner, and the studio set-up was very conducive to learning the skill in a precise manner. A big plus of the workshop was the large amount of practical hands-on experience I got. It was a great advantage to be able to instantly apply the knowledge to experience in the laboratory phase. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Detroit, MI

“I will definitely recommend your workshop to anyone who would like to have fast start with in depth knowledge and practical experience with airbrush makeup. The textbook we received is a huge bonus.”

St. Leonard, MD

“Suzanne, your workshop was highly informative and interactive. You showed us very valuable skills to help us in our airbrushing endeavors. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone!”

Baltimore, MD

“I have taken several of your workshops, and time and again I come away with a greater understanding of each skill you teach. Your classes are always great because you make it so interesting and fun to learn. I love the small class size and the personal attention we get. It really goes a long way to help us absorb the important information and perform it correctly under your guidance.”

Burtonsville, MD

“I highly recommend Suzanne’s workshops to all that are interested in advancing their makeup careers to a higher level of technique and execution. She is a wonderfully talented instructor with a gift for teaching the highly technical skills needed in HD.”

Baltimore, MD

“I was extremely impressed with your airbrush workshop, and went home with a completely new outlook and future in applying this skill in my business. Thank you for a great day of learning, it was wonderful!”

Cassville, PA

“Suzanne, I found you a consummate professional yet you were so easy to work with! I loved my personal makeup session with you, and I learned so much in how to do my own makeup in such a beautiful and natural way. I loved your caring manner of teaching and so grateful for the professional tips I received. I would highly recommend you to anyone to learn how to do their own makeup in a more professional way!”

Emmitsburg, PA

“You are a very professional artist in airbrush. I am very glad to come from Spain to learn from you. I hope to do this skill very well in my makeup work here, and inspire other makeup artists in my country.

Madrid, Spain

Awesome Airbrush Workshop class!! Thank you so much, I learned so much in two days from you it was amazing. What a great experience I had this weekend, you are the best teacher!! I can’t believe how quick the weekend went by. I feel so good about what I learned I cant wait to start practicing rather than beat myself up as to why I cant grasp it. You made it so easy to understand. Cant wait for the next class!!

Boston, MA