Special Makeup Effects Services

Suzanne’s special makeup effects (SFX) techniques in prosthetic appliances produce professional HDTV quality real-to-the-eye results. She is highly skilled in latex, gels, and wax mediums, and with a special emphasis in working with silicones.  Her broad range of skills also includes precise custom coloring, application, and finishing techniques.

Suzanne’s specialties include fantasy character work, casualty simulation, aging tecniques, and period/historical makeup. She produces high fidelity realism with injury effects such as skin trauma and disfiguration, disease/illness, combat/weapon injury, lacerations, burns, bruises, abrasions, bullet hits, stabs, eviscerations, full amputations, etc.

For highly specialized or custom made prosthetics and other types of appliances and body parts she partners with several outstanding SFX shop professionals in the industry that can meet your exact specifications and budget in producing a high quality “realistic to the eye” camera ready product.

Suzanne is also skilled in the custom creation and application of temporary skin tattoos and body art. She also provides complete makeup coverage over real tattoos and paramedical/corrective makeup for dermatology, cancer, and burn patients.

Suzanne possesses technical expertise in all types of hair and wig styling. She is also proficient in laying false hair (moustaches, sideburns, beards, goatees, etc.) using several different techniques according to the production requirements.

Rate quotes for special makeup effects services and major SFX projects are available upon request. Please  Contact Suzanne to discuss your particular needs and your budget requirements. For individuals outside of the production industry: quotes will include any pre-production design and build charges, and normal day rate charges for prosthetic applications.