Media Production Makeup Services

Suzanne is one of the nation’s leading edge specialists in the technology and technique of makeup for HIgh Definition. Visual continuity in makeup is extremely important, whether shot directly for HD broadcast or HD video transfer to film, and her professional skills in all skin tones include a clean beauty / naturally groomed appearance to talent for corporate, lifestyle, or classic looks.

Suzanne has master skills in special makeup effects, and her specialties include casualty simulation makeup, aging makeup, period/historical makeup, and prosthetic appliances. She is frequently called upon to perform combat injury makeup for the military and civilian medical community because of her ability to achieve ultra-realistic looking results.

Her skill expertise also includes professional hair styling, and is highly proficient in the application of false hair pieces, beards, wigs, and non-surgical skin lift techniques.

Suzanne works with a fully prepared mobile makeup kit including
set-equivalent lighting. She also provides kits for wardrobe maintenance and hair styling duties. Based in the Washington, DC, Metro area, she is available to work on location as a local in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and parts of Maryland. She is available for contract travel to work nationally and abroad. For a complete resume or rate card, please contact Suzanne.