Airbrush “Mist”tique and Technique Workshops

The airbrush is an important tool that completes the skill set of all makeup artists. Thanks in part to Ultra High Definition digital technology now widely used in media, the airbrush is frequently used to achieve a more transparent finish for subtle, natural looking results. The airbrush offers that extra degree of control in an ultra transparent makeup application that is not achievable by traditional brush or sponge methods.

Why the "Mist" tique and Technique™ Airbrush Workshops are considered the best airbrush training you will ever receive:

Suzanne is recognized internationally as a leading expert in airbrush technology and technique, and has a diverse group of makeup artists from all over the world attend her airbrush workshops because of her outstanding reputation for focused “attention to detail” instruction.  The important working knowledge and schematics in airbrush in application, along with in-depth maintenance skills taught exclusively in her workshops, are not found anywhere else.

For over 3 decades she has taught not only makeup artists but traditional face and body painters, on-camera performers, fine art artists, photographers, medical practitioners, morticians, anaplastologists, and hobbyists from many professional trades and forms of leisure activities who want to learn the art and finesse of applying makeup or a sprayable liquid medium correctly through an airbrush.  With proper instruction in a solid foundational knowledge base, anyone can master the technical operation principles, basic and advanced application techniques in freehand work through these workshops. Upon completion of the workshops the student can immediately employ the airbrush with proficiency in their work venue, including Ultra High Definition Media.

Another unique feature of this workshop is the meticulous instruction that deals with the wide scope of maintaining and troubleshooting issues with the airbrush yourself.  Not only will you learn how to become proficient in airbrush performance and maintenance management, but how to create and customize the use of your own airbrush diagnostic, maintenance, and repair tool kit.

Self taught vs. professional instruction:

There are many airbrush videos, CDs, and books available that attempt to teach airbrushing techniques, but it just can't duplicate interactive hands-on instruction, demonstration, and application techniques in a hands-on tutored laboratory situation. The close supervision of an experienced master instructor makes all the difference in acquiring the nuances and finesse of airbrushing, and achieving a fully operation skill set upon completion of the workshop.

It is so important to develop and execute proper fundamental triggering sequences in beginning airbrush skills to avoid developing the default habits that could hinder advanced techniques in freehand skills.  This is especially important to overcome if you want to pursue fine art graphic airbrush application.

By taking the professionally instructed Elementary airbrush workshop you can unleash your full potential with this unique tool and master all the schematics and techniques in fundamental airbrush applications in just one day. Taking the second day Progressive workshop will further develop, refine and release your new freehand techniques in a variety of applications, master airbrush fluid chemistry, and become a master airbrush mechanic in troubleshooting and maintenance.

What is the long term benefit payoff for me in taking these airbrush courses?

The key to getting the maximum benefit out of learning and utilizing the airbrush is targeted instruction and extensive hands on laboratory experience that embraces and translates the entire realm of airbrush technology and technique to the student. This means being able to comprehend and interface with the huge variety and scope of airbrush equipment and products that have exploded onto the airbrush makeup market within the last 15 years.  You will not find any other airbrush workshop that is as meticulous in training artists from the inside out on important airbrush technology and technique. This class will also equip you with extensive cosmetic chemistry (airbrush fluid) knowledge that will allow you to fully employ your airbrush skills in other paying venues.

You will learn to identify equipment schematics, work with and interface with of airbrush provided for your use. You can experiment with and ultimately create your own choices in the system or components that fit your artistry needs. You will learn the important principles of fluid physics and cosmetic chemistry, and how to utilize them effectively in your work.

Who should take these airbrush workshops?

These classes are ideal for beginners with no prior experience, or those with some casual familiarity and experimentation with the airbrush. Self-taught airbrush users who have acquired skills from practicing on their own can also greatly benefit from professional instruction and guidance in these workshops that will refine their knowledge base and application techniques. The additional benefits of developing good professional airbrush skills and polishing manual dexterity early on prevents interference from negative or defaulting habits that always occur in the beginning stages of airbrush coordination skills.

About the Elementary Airbrush Workshop

This class has a heavy emphasis on technology and technique with intensive hands-on laboratory work. It is careful step by step instruction that guides even the very beginner successfully through the important schematic knowledge along with airbrush equipment component options and their operation principles.

Through this important sequential learning style, the student will build a strong skill set in performance, including master knowledge in equipment formatting, interfacing flow ratios, and a strong emphasis on airbrush cosmetic chemistry knowledge. Students will learn application fundamentals and advanced techniques while working it through with hands-on experience every step of the way for “skill ready “proficiency.  Most importantly, students will also become experienced and adept in critical airbrush maintenance, and able to identify, correct, and trouble-shoot performance problems. This valuable information is not found in any other airbrush class being taught today.

This workshop will guide and instruct you through everything you need to achieve a fully operational skill, and that executes with high proficiency in both two and three dimensional applications (basic special makeup effects) upon completion of this class.

About the Progressive Airbrush Workshop

Students can immediately move ahead to this optional 2nd day class with their newly acquired freehand skills and application techniques learned in the Elementary Workshop. This second day class focuses entirely on the use and expansion of the student's new skill set and ability, and moves them into creative design work with a variety airbrush makeup projects to completion.

Building on the functional knowledge and application techniques acquired in the Elementary class, students further expand on the development of student artistic composition by introducing advanced methods that utilize important color theory principles. Students also integrate a variety of airbrush sensatory experiences to their learning curve which helps them visualize and apply their own imagination and artistic expression.

This workshop is fondly referred to by former students as the "playground of expression" because it pushes the student's knowledge and technique base into creative action, and allowing them to polish their newly acquired advanced skills into full professional airbrush proficiency.

Both the Elementary and Progressive workshops are intensive, hands-on full day courses, and provide uniform skill building with continuity in skill progression.  The Mist"tique and Technique™ Airbrush Makeup for Face and Body Art is the only airbrush makeup workshop in the country that was curriculum approved by the former International Federation of Airbrush Artists.

All workshops are strictly limited to 6 students per class for maximum attention to details and close oversight to student performance.  Each workshop listed below has a detailed information brochure outlining the course material to be taught, along with registration information. Class dates are posted on the Workshop Schedule below and subject to change without prior notice.  Any changes will be updated and posted immediately on this page.

All workshops are first come first served basis.  Enrollment begins when the workshops are posted on the schedule, and is ongoing until they are filled.  Important Note: Student’s must register for or have completed the Elementary Workshop in order to enroll in the Progressive workshop.  To request a workshop detail and registration brochure by email please Contact Suzanne .

Fall 2020 "Mist"tique and Technique™ Airbrush Makeup for Face and Body Art Workhop Schedule

“Mist”tique and Technique Elementary Workshop
Date: Saturday, November 21st
Esprit Digital Arts Media
Phoenix, AZ


“Mist”tique and Technique Progressive Workshop
Date: Sunday, November 22nd
Esprit Digital Arts Media
Phoenix, AZ